6PR Radio Segment – November 2023

Rash was invited on 6PR Radio station here in WA to talk about East Coast Investors. 

Rash Dhanjal, a prominent real estate agent from Team Rash in Perth, sheds light on the current sizzling real estate market in a recent radio interview. The East Coast investor influx is notable, with an escalating trend of buyers seeking investment properties in Perth, drawn by the region’s robust market and competitive prices. East Coast investors, labeled as “serial investors” by Rash, are steering towards Perth, enticed by stronger yields compared to other Australian cities.

Inquiries from East Coast investors have surged, surpassing local interest, particularly in properties valued up to $600,000. These investors, having explored markets like Brisbane and Adelaide, see Perth as an attractive new prospect with considerable value for money. Rash also highlights a growing practice where investors are bypassing public portals, engaging buyers’ agents to secure properties off-market. These investors are often well-prepared, offering low-conditional deals with guaranteed finance or cash payments, putting pressure on local buyers.

For those navigating the intense market, Rash suggests getting on agency databases, expressing interest in off-market deals, and ensuring financial readiness. He emphasises the importance of simplifying conditions to make offers more appealing to sellers. Rash’s expertise lies in the east corridor from Morley to Brabham & Dayton, where he observes heightened property demand and sales exceeding initial expectations.

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