Caversham & Dayton Suburb Update

The Perth Property Show with Trent Fleskens! This week, leader of the sales team that sells the most property in WA, Rash Dhanjal, is back in the studio to update us on the performance of his core sales area, Caversham, Dayton, Bennett Springs & Brabham. Having sold over 300 properties in the last 12 months,…Read More→

Empowering Our Community: $1 Million Towards Local Business

Celebrating a Milestone Achievement with the BNI Network I am thrilled to share an exciting milestone which marks a significant achievement not just for me, but for the entire network of dedicated professionals I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. It is with great pride I announce I have been honored with an award by…Read More→

House prices to grow 10per cent in 2024

7 days on the market.
Seller had been paying for the staging furniture for over 5 months and didn’t switch to us because of the investment made. 15 pictures were loaded online with Twilight photo shoot.

Is it time to reverse-engineer property sales?

You sell first, then buy later – right? Well, in low-supply markets, it might be better to flip this traditional sales route on its head. Rash Dhanjal, partner at The Agency Perth and number six ranked dealmaker in Australia for 2023, sits down with Grace Ormsby to discuss why Perth’s critically low housing supply has…Read More→


The Perth Property Show with Trent Fleskens!   On episode 259, we speak to the head of one of Perth’s most prolific sales team, Rash Dhanjal, to get an honest and candid response on the dynamics within the median house price market in the state. Having sold over 250 properties in WA in the last…Read More→

6PR Radio – East Coast Investors

6PR Radio Segment – November 2023 Rash was invited on 6PR Radio station here in WA to talk about East Coast Investors.  Rash Dhanjal, a prominent real estate agent from Team Rash in Perth, sheds light on the current sizzling real estate market in a recent radio interview. The East Coast investor influx is notable,…Read More→

Subdividing Your Property In Perth: A Profitable Endeavor?

The Perth Property Show with Trent Fleskens! On this episode Trent is talking about Subdividing Your Property in Perth, Western Australia: A Profitable Endeavor? If you’re a homeowner in Perth, Western Australia, you’ve likely considered the idea of subdividing your property as a means to tap into the potentially profitable real estate market. In a…Read More→

The Perth Property Show – Distressed Sales

Back in March 2022 Rash was interviewed as part of the Perth Property Show. Listening back now this is still relevant. Ever wondered how and where investors source properties without competition and (often) below market value? Buying distressed sales is a strategy a small number of investors exclusively stick to. Rash Dhanjal provides further detail…Read More→

Photo Preparation to Sell Your Home (Downloadable)

Preparing your home for sale is crucial to attract potential buyers, and high-quality photos play a significant role in making a strong first impression. To ensure your property looks its best in photos, start by decluttering and removing personal items to create a clean and inviting space. Pay attention to details like staging furniture, arranging…Read More→